Right. Now that we’re back from the South Island Rampage (thank you Scarlett Lashes for a great time) it seems timely to update the Vostok Lake web presence. Priority 1 will be starting to blog here, rather than at that deplorable hive of scum, villainy and advertising known as MySpace. Unfortunately it seems to be a hassle coupled with a burden to just export from a MySpace blog, so I will just start blogging here and see how that works.

The plan for now is to update the website something serious. The idea behind this is that Vostok Lake needs to connect with the lovely people we met in the South Island – and those other lovely people who support our music from overseas, or elsewhere outside cycling distance of the inner suburbs of Auckland. One big idea that we want to work with is demo-blogging – that is, on a regular basis (once a month?) we will post a demo of one of the new songs which aren’t formally available yet. The first priority, is of course, “Office Work”, which is the big hit single out there on the circuit.

However, we’re also planning a proper release of that as an actual single. People keep saying the album is dead, so we’ll experiment with this one. The plan will be for a proper, high-quality version of “Office Work” – distinct from any demo we blog – backed with perhaps a live version of one of our other popular favourite… and also accompanied by an actual music video. Would you guys pay for a little CD with all of those on it? Please comment and let me know.

Apart from that, the broader questions are:

1) where shall we play live next? Are there compatible venues in Auckland for what we do, or do we have to start our own?

2) is it time for VL to make certain compromises with the culture industry in the hopes of getting noticed by a wider audience? We’re not talking “going mainstream”, but we are talking “streamlining the meme so that people who aren’t quite as cool as the existing fans get interested”.

Welcome to WordPress. Please comment.

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  1. Blairette says:

    I would pay for a wee disk with a single and music video on it!
    I shall try and keep in touch with some of the folks I’m getting vaguely acquainted with via the ‘other’ music video thing I’m kind of working on; a few of them are itinerant and would be able to help with any Auckland ventures, or at the very least point you toward Good People…

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