Some thoughts from the tour…

Vostok Lake is not easy-listening or feel good music. It is challenging listening and feel-alive-for-the-first-time-in-years music. Vostok Lake is not a fashion accessory, or will not reassure you that everything is just fine. It is music of danger, challenge, defiant individuality and high standards. Vostok Lake may annoy you or piss you off, but it will never be forgettable or ignorable.

We want to change the way that music is made and received live, just like the Internet has done for recordings. If you listen to Vostok Lake you are becoming part of a movement. If you pay Vostok Lake money so we can do this more often and with better equipment – or, better yet, form your own project with which we can pool resources and collaborate – then you are a leader of that movement.

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