Propaganda and news

Our beautiful poster for Electric Salon III

Our posters keep getting better.

Auckland’s #1 underground camp electronic variety night! An unscripted musical theatre total immersion experience, like the Muppet Show meets the Mighty Boosh IN A STEEL CAGE and the referee is the ghost of Bill Hicks.

Music from:

X-Ray Fiends
Scarlett Lashes (prepared to get whipped, rubbed and lashed by the queen of trash)
Vostok Lake (androgynous cyber power-prog-pop)
New Hang Ups (Macintosh computers and TRAMPOLINES)

Comedy from Tim Batt, the terror of the Classic Comedy Theatre!

Burlesque from the sextacular Dolly Destory and the spanklicious Miss Phloss.

Performances from:

Erika Strata (Lady Gaga does opera! Truly remarkable)
Sarah Houboult and Edward (sensual Kama Sutra adagio acrobatics)

MC the Divine Mizz Kita Mean (Princess to Queen winner 2010, the Hostess with the Mostest, larger than life and twice as natural)

$10 on the door. It just gets better all the time. You know you want it.


Not much else to report. Hoping to debut one new song at the above gig; working on a composition in “dots”, doing a kind of Frank Zappa electronic-classical thing. We’ll see how it works.

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