Where. Do we go. From Here?

So. It’s my sad duty to mention that the Auckland Electric Salon has gone into indefinite recess. Great apologies to all our fans, supporters, and insane participants. The decision is due to a mix of (a) organiser burnout; (b) steadily declining interest from both performers and audience.

This of course leaves Vostok Lake in a particularly precarious place, because the Salon was the only place where we really felt that our “act” really made sense, in the context of other camp electronic art-comedy-music. To go back to the world of “rock gigs” with guitar-and-drum bands who don’t even understand what we’re about is a little disheartening, but we all do what we can.

Vostok Lake has the songs for about half a new album complete, and others could be whipped into shape given a few weeks to dedicate to it. And of course, I have that “opera” project on the boil as well. Watch this space.

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